艾萨-Funded项目 申诉程序 


These procedures offer parents and other stakeholders a process to file complaints and allow for the timely resolution of such complaints. 对地方实体(如学区)的投诉, 特许学校, or grantee will be reviewed by NYSED's Office of 艾萨-Funded项目. 

投诉人可以包括以下任何一方:父母, 公共机构, 以及其他个人或组织. 如果投诉人是未成年人, 诉状或上诉还应由其监护人签署, unless the statute or rule under which the complaint or appeal is filed prohibits this requirement. Complaints regarding equitable services for non-public schools should follow the procedures detailed at http://www.p12.纽交所.gov / nonpub /专员.html. 纽约州的每个LEA都被要求进行传播, 免费的, adequate information about these complaint procedures to parents of students, 以及适当的私立学校官员或代表. 


The procedures contained in this document meet the requirements of 艾萨 Section 8304(a)(3)(C) and 34 CFR Part 299, 投诉程序. 


The ESEA programs for which an individual or entity may submit a complaint to NYSED include: 

标题我, A部分:资助地方教育机构, 第三部分:移徙儿童的教育, Part D: Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth Who Are Neglected, 拖欠债务的, 或在风险中, A部分:支持有效的指示, Part A: 语言 Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students 标题我V, 甲部份:学生支援及学术提升资助, 第二部分:21世纪社区学习中心, B部分:农村教育倡议 


Complaints/appeals regarding the administration and implementation of any of the programs listed above should first be addressed at the local level. 

适用于纽约市以外的所有租赁合同, complaints must be sent first to the 负责人 of the LEA or his/her designee. 有关第I条的投诉, Part D programming provided at a 被忽视和/或过失的设施, 投诉亦应送交设施署长. If the local LEA fails to resolve the complaint within 30 business days or fails to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the complainant, 然后投诉可能会被发送到纽约教育与发展署. 

Complaints/appeals regarding a regional Migrant Education Tutorial and 支持服务 (METS) Program Center’s administration and implementation of services for migrant eligible students should be sent first to the Director of the regional 大都会项目中心. Complaints/appeals regarding student eligibility for the NYS Migrant Education Program, should be sent first to the Director of the Identification and Recruitment (ID&R)全州计划中心. METS项目中心和ID&联系方式请访问 如果METS项目中心和ID&R Program Center fails to resolve the complaint within 30 business days or fails to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the complainant, 然后投诉可能会被发送到纽约教育与发展署. 


向纽约教育署投诉, 投诉人必须提交书面投诉书, 已签署的投诉包括以下内容: 

1. 声明国家, LEA, 被忽视和/或过失的设施, or 大都会项目中心 has violated a requirement of a federal statute or regulation that applies to any applicable program listed above. 

2. 陈述所依据的事实, 包括足够的时间信息, where and the nature of activity that is perceived to be in violation of law and/or regulation. 

3. Documentation of attempts to resolve the issue with appropriate personnel at the local level where the child, 受投诉影响, 参加(e.g. 学校建筑, 学区, 被忽视和/或过失的设施, 大都会项目中心, 或受让人管理员). 适当的人员可以包括孩子的老师, 建筑主体, 学生人事主管, 大都会导演, 设施总监, 教育监督或地方教育委员会. 

4. 投诉人解决投诉的建议. 

投诉可通过电子邮件发送至CONAPPTA@纽交所.在邮件的主题栏写上“投诉”. Alternately, a complaint may be mailed to NYSED at the following address: 

New York State Education Department Office of 艾萨 Funded Programs Attention: Complaint Coordinator 89 Washington Avenue, 320房间eb奥尔巴尼, 纽约12234 


一旦收到投诉, 投诉协调员会发出确认信, 通过邮件或电子邮件确认, 致包含以下信息的投诉人: 

1. 纽约教育署收到投诉的日期; 

2. The name and contact information of the assigned complaint coordinator; 

3. How the complainant may provide additional information; and 

4. A Statement of the ways in which the complaint coordinator may investigate the complaint. 

The complaint coordinator retains authority for determining the manner in which the allegations will be investigated, 其中可能包括, 但不限于, 对书面文件的审查, 面试, 和/或现场调查. 

在调查过程中, the complaint coordinator may contact the entity in question (“the alleged”) to inform them of the complainant’s allegations and request documentation necessary to determine whether a law, rule or regulations related to the administration of the covered programs was violated. 

The complaint coordinator may, if necessary, request additional information from either party. 除非投诉协调员同意延期, 根据情有可原的情况, the documentation from the alleged must be received within the stated timelines in the Letter of Allegations. 


在国家机构收到投诉后60个工作日内, a Letter of Resolution will be sent 通过邮件或电子邮件确认 to the alleged with a copy to the complainant. The letter will specify whether the allegation is sustained by the complaint coordinator and if any corrective action is required. 如果需要纠正措施, 决议将具体说明需要采取的行动, timeline for implementation and the acceptable documentation for resolution. 如果投诉协调员发现额外的违规行为, 在最初的指控信中没有提到的, the complaint coordinator will add this violation to the Letter of Resolution. 

在特殊情况下, an extension of the 60-day complaint resolution period may be required. The State Education Department has determined that exceptional circumstances may include, 但不需要局限于, 出现这样的情况: 


cancellation of scheduled on-site reviews due to unscheduled school closings; 

the need for extended review activities beyond those specified in the original written notification; and/or 


当发现异常情况时, the revised date for the completion of the complaint review will be provided in writing to all parties involved in the complaint or appeal. All parties to the complaint have the right to initiate a request for an extension beyond the 60 business day complaint resolution period based on exceptional circumstances. All such requests must be presented to the State Education Department. 

第五步:向美国上诉.S. 教育部 

Both parties have the right to appeal the complaint coordinator’s Letter of Resolution to the United States Secretary of Education within 30 days of receiving the letter. 这种呼吁应提交给: 

华盛顿特区.C. 20202-6132 


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